Q: Do you use a specific makeup artist or hair stylist?

A: No, and that’s because all you need is simple, natural makeup (if any) and one or two simple hairstyles. How you look in your headshots should be how you’re going to look when you walk into an audition – and it would be pretty unlikely that you’d have your hair and makeup done professionally before every audition! Don’t stress – this isn’t a fashion shoot. If you happen to have a spot or two on the day that we shoot, don’t worry about it – those can be removed during retouching.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Please wear comfortable clothes for your shoot. Sweatpants? Great. Pyjamas? Go for it. All we will see in the final shot is from the shoulders up, so go for comfort and you’ll feel much better for it.

Q: Do you offer a student discount or anything similar?

A: I give everyone who comes to me the same service; the same care, the same attention, the same time. Following this principle, the fee remains the same for everyone.

Q: I’ve got curly hair, and I’d like some photos with straight hair as well. Will I have time to get my straightener out and make some changes?

A: Yes. No problem. Whatever changes you’d like to make to your hair are fine by me. Perhaps it’s a good idea though to practice them at home first, so you don’t end up rushed and frustrated on the day of your shoot.

Q: I’m growing my beard for different look. Can I shave during the session and have different look, stubble or clean shave?

A: Yep no problem, just don’t forget to bring your shaving kit!

Q: Can we meet before the session?

A: I don’t normally meet people before a shoot because it’s just not really necessary. We will have nearly half a day together for your shoot, which gives us plenty of time for tea and a relaxed chat before we take any photographs.

Q: Can a friend and I split the session between us?

A: I don’t do split sessions, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, working one on one creates a better dynamic and trust. With other people in the room, you are likely to be less focused and/or feel self-conscious. Secondly, splitting the session would mean having half the time to get to know each other and half the amount of shots taken. There’s a reason I spend as much time as I do with people and it wouldn’t be fair to you to compromise on that.

Q: I just broke up with my partner yesterday, but it’s fine to get my headshots done tomorrow, right?

A: Oh no, no, no…If you’re recovering from a recent breakup (or any traumatic experience for that matter) it would be best to wait a little bit to recover before having your photos done. The grief will be evident in your eyes and you’ll end up with several hundred very sad photos of yourself to choose from!

Q: It sounds like you spend quite a lot of time with your clients. What if I get hungry?

A: Do try to remember to eat before you arrive, and if you think you’ll get hungry during the shoot feel free to bring a snack with you.

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